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Echotech Lab creates tailor-made Pay Per click campaigns for instantaneous growth in a transparent, affordable and measurable way.

Start Up Package

Best PPC Management packages crafted specially for emerging startups and Organizations.

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  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Keyword Research
  • Bid & Budgeting Set UP
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Campaign Management
  • No Ongoing PPC Strategy Development
  • No Google Remarketing
  • 1 Landing Page Optimization
  • 5 Creative Banner Designing*
  • Conversion Tracking setup
  • Ad Scheduling Setup
  • Campaign Performance Report
  • 40 Working Hours/Month

Premium Package

Best PPC Management packages crafted specially for pre-existing brands and world-class corporations.

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  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Keyword Research
  • Bid & Budgeting Set UP
  • Ad Copy Creation
  • Campaign Management
  • Ongoing PPC Strategy Development
  • Google Remarketing
  • 2 New Landing Page Creation
  • 2 Landing Page Optimization
  • 10 Creative Banner Designing*
  • Conversion Tracking setup
  • Ad Scheduling Setup
  • Campaign Performance Report
  • 80 Working Hours/Month


* The PPC daily/Monthly budgeting spend setting up against campaigns should bear by the client.
* Any Design/Development task listed from above deliverables will be charged extra as per the requirements.

PPC Management Services

The long waiting period for tangible results even with heavy spending makes people sceptical about most of the digital marketing campaigns. Pay-Per-Click campaigns are the most cost-effective and efficient digital marketing approach to produce instantaneous results. PPC is driven by data and helps the marketer to make accurate judgements about the efficiency of the campaign on a real-time basis.

Echotech Lab with a team of world-class digital marketing professionals, create constant and compelling PPC campaigns with attention-grabbing designs and engaging landing pages. Our highly targeted campaigns ensure great user experience, improved traffic and keep the business growing through high-quality leads and conversions.

Advantages of PPC Management:

  • Extremely targeted
  • Cost Effective
  • Instantaneous Results
  • Improved Brand recognition and Sales
  • Better Retargeting
  • Easily Trackable
  • Immune to SEO Changes

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Our Process Drives Growth

Timely Implementations Backed With Proven Methodology


Client Communication

We listen to your requirements and expectations without any prejudice or bias to make a complete understanding of the task, its objective and limitations.


Market Analysis and Keyword Identification

We make a detailed market analysis and identify the most appropriate keyword to make the campaign relevant and effective.


Campaign Creation and implementation

Our designers and marketing professionals create impressive campaigns and identify the best PPC advertisement through multiple split tests.


Data Analysis

PPC creates measurable results. Our seasoned professionals analyse the results and ensure that the campaign reaches the targeted audience as envisaged.


Campaign optimization

Our campaign managers ensure that the PPC campaign is on the right track and is making results in the form of quality leads and conversions.

Explore Other Services and Packages

We offer a variety of intelligently designed, customizable, feature-rich and cost-effective packages to fulfil the requirements of different segments of the industry to sharpen your competitive edge for exponential business growth.

Why Choose Echotech Lab PPC Management Services?

With a team of world-class designers, developers and marketing professionals, Echotech Lab makes superb pay per click ads at affordable prices to trigger your business growth.


1. What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is a marketing method where you need to pay the advertiser, often search engines, only if somebody clicks on your advertisement. If nobody clicks on your campaign, you needn't pay anything.

2. How can I check whether my campaigns are active?

Ads appear at the top of search results along the right side of the page. You can search with the intended keyword to check whether the campaign is active or not.

3. Can you guarantee results for my PPC campaign?

No. There is no such thing as guaranteed results for PPC. The outcome of PPC depends too many variables and some are beyond our control. Still, our knowledge and experience gained through thousands of PP campaigns help us to chalk out the most suitable and effective plan for your requirements.

4. PPC or Search Engine Optimization, which one is better?

Both are complementary. SEO is a long-term strategy to improve brand visibility and the results are sustainable. PPC is meant for short term goals. There should be a balanced approach without neglecting any. Even with the best PPC campaign, a site with a poor landing page would be a disaster.

5. How much does it cost per a PPC campaign on Google?

The cost of PPC campaign heavily depends on various parameters including the cost of Keyword. It's quite hard to predict the price of the keywords and hence the campaign cost.
Please contact the sales team for more accurate information.

6. Should I go for a professional agency for my PPC or can I do it myself?

PPC is a complicated process. There are hundreds of ways for an AdWords campaign. The search engine algorithms change quite often and evaluating the performance indices would be a tedious task for a non-professional. So, it's better to leave it for the professionals as they have the necessary tools and means to make things happen without wasting money and time.

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    "Very pleased with service, very happy with product. Went well beyond scope of project and offered thoughtful advice. Happy to help a novice and explain what was happening, though also happy to just do it without unnecessary back and forth. I was extremely happy. Not only would I hire again, I am currently discussing retaining them for ongoing work."

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    Jahir Abbas

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    Andre P.
    Currecies Direct

    "They have been great, they migrated our office 365 and all the shared mailboxes, active directories very smoothly, i would like hire them again. "

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    Harvansh Singh Sagar
    Vice President & CTO @ State Bank Of India

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