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Echotech Lab provides Odoo hosting solutions with professional support engineers and developers who specialize in Odoo.


0 - 50 Users

This plan is suitable for SMES

  • RAM:
    4 GB Dedicated DDR4 RAM
    50 GB NVMe SSD Storage
    6TB Transfer / Month
  • IP:
    1 Free IP Address
    Weekly Backup Service
  • SSL:
    Free SSL Certificate
    Minimum 12 Months

  • Microsfot Azure
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0 - 100 Users

Suitable for SMES

  • RAM:
    8 GB Dedicated DDR4 RAM
    200 GB NVMe SSD Storage
    8TB Transfer / Month
  • IP:
    2 Free IP Address
    Daily Backup Service
  • SSL:
    Free SSL Certificate
    Minimum 12 Months

  • Google Cloud Hosting
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100+ Users

For Large Enterpises.

  • RAM:
  • IP:
  • SSL:
    Free SSL Certificate
    Custom Backup Service
    Minimum 12 Months

  • AWS WordPress Hosting
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Enterprise Managed Odoo Hosting

Echotech Lab specializes in providing Odoo hosting solutions with our professional support engineers and developers who help take care of all your Odoo issues, requirements and general support. For many years now we have remained one of the few providers who specialize in Odoo Hosting and management. We have staff who are experts with Odoo, along with in-house Odoo developers for custom development or issues that require debugging. If you have an Odoo instance or website and looking for a hosting provider that can support it then consider our pre-configured plans below or contact us for a custom solution.

  • We’re Odoo experts and developers
  • Odoo Community or Enterprise (subscription required) and version can be chosen at checkout
  • Support for Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows Odoo
  • Free migration of your Odoo instance(s)
  • Odoo developers available for unique software issues, customization or development requests
  • Custom Odoo server solutions
  • Servers come pre-tuned and optimized for Odoo
  • Real-time monitoring and response to your Odoo if issues are detected
  • Free daily/weekly backups with VPS plans
  • Free Automatic SSL Certificates
  • Advanced CSF Firewall to Block Attacks and Brute Force Attempts

Number of website’s, ERP(s),
Applications, are up and running


Tickets Resolved
by our team

15 Mins

Average reponse time
and human handle all the task.


Satisfaction rate, check out
our customer reviews

Odoo Partner

Odoo Hosting Standard Features

Our Odoo solutions are packed with features and tools to help make your job easier and provide a reliable platform for your Odoo service. Take a look at a few of the features below that set Echotech Lab apart from the rest.

Fully Managed VPS Hosting and Managed Linux Server

Fully Managed Odoo Solutions

Our Odoo hosting solutions come fully managed. Our Odoo specialists will help with migrating your Odoo, performance issues, module/add-on issues, Odoo errors and much more!

Real-Time Monitoring & Support

Pro-Active Monitoring For Your Odoo

We are constantly monitoring your server and Odoo platform. If a service fails, your website loads slowly or even displays an error, we will notify you and begin fixing the issue immediately.

Firewall & DDoS Protection

We're Odoo Experts & Developers

Using our Odoo hosting for your Odoo hosting means you have access to a team of Odoo experts and developers who are available 24/7 for any request and guidance.

Servers Come Odoo Optimized

Servers Come Odoo Optimized

Your Odoo service is deployed pre-configured with optimized PostgreSQL, Odoo workers and configuration, Nginx and automatic SSL, ready to go!

Daily & Weekly Offsite Backups

Daily & Weekly Offsite Backups

We take daily and weekly backups for all Odoo VPS customers seriously. Dedicated Server customers can add affordable backups during checkout. Need your site or database restored? Just open a ticket and we'll take care of it for you!

100% Uptime SLA Guarantee

100% Uptime SLA Guarantee

With real-time monitoring by our staff, we carry a 100% server and network uptime SLA guarantee. See our service level agreement for more details.

Ultimate Performance Stack

High-End Supermicro Servers

We use enterprise grade Supermicro hardware and the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors along with NVMe SSD storage to ensure the highest level of server reliability and performance.

Free Migrations Included

Real-Time Performance & Uptime Monitoring

We are constantly monitoring your server and odoo server. If a service fails, your app loads slowly or even displays an error, we will notify you and begin fixing the issue immediately.

Odoo VPS or Dedicated Odoo Server

The odoo plans on this page are not all we offer. We do have customised solutions, get in touch with us.

Choose The Perfect Odoo Hosting Solution

Keep your Odoo online with 100% uptime by having us deploy a fully managed failover setup that consists of two servers in different data centers. If your main server goes down in data center A, it will instantly divert all traffic to data center B so your website and Odoo never experience downtime.

Does your Odoo website get a lot of traffic or have too many Odoo users for a single server? With a load balance server cluster we can distribute your Odoo traffic and users evenly among a group of servers. This can also consist of separating the application servers with the database server for better performance. Contact us to learn about the different options.


  • GEOGRAPHIC ODOO FAILOVER SETUP - Starting at $625.00 /month - Extra
  • ODOO LOAD BALANCING CLUSTER - Starting at $1250.00 /month - Extra
  • Customisation Module Development - $20 / Hr - Extra
  • Trainings - $10 / Hr - Extra
  • Latency checks - Included
  • SPM (System Patch Management) - Included
  • Statistics, graphs, logs monitoring. - Included

How It Works ?

The proper planning of your server deployment is important to avoid issues later on and maximize your website’s potential.



We start by analyzing your requirements and setup your service based on this information. This allows our technicians to configure your server with the best possible performance, security and reliability in mind.



We then either setup the sever with your required software to run your websites and applications or compare to your previous server’s software, packages and dependencies to ensure your everything will perform fine on your new server.


Migrate & Test

Once we are done properly setting up your service we will begin working on migrating all your sites or applications, change all DNS zones and name servers accordingly, check to ensure your sites are loading properly from a temporary url and then give you the OK to change your DNS to this new server.


Analyze & Tweak

When all sites are confirmed to be loading properly from your new server, we will then analyze all traffic and resource usage of your sites and applications to tweak your server’s configurations for best performance.



Managing your newly setup service is a never-ending task which is why we setup pro-active monitoring of all services. Should an issue arise or we notice an abnormality, our technicians will immediately log in, resolve the issue and notify you.

Hire dedicated professional

Want to Hire a Dedicated Odoo Developer ?

Feel free to get in touch.

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Explore Other Services and Packages

We offer a variety of intelligently designed, customizable, feature-rich and cost-effective packages to fulfil the requirements of different segments of the industry to sharpen your competitive edge for exponential business growth.


1. Will you migrate my Odoo instances?

Yes of course! What good would a managed Odoo service be if it didn’t include free migration? Once you have ordered please provide us your previous servers root logins so we can begin the assessment and migration plan to have a successful, problem free, zero-downtime migration.

2. Can I upgrade my Odoo VPS/Dedicated Server later on?

Yes of course! Just create a ticket or drop us an email.

3. How long does it take to setup my Odoo?

Your Odoo VPS will be deployed instantly upon successful payment. Dedicated servers, due to the physical nature of them can take up to 12-24 hours to get setup and configured with Odoo installed per your specifications.

4. How long does it take to get my VPS/server setup?

Your pre-configured Magento VPS will be deployed instantly upon successful payment. Dedicated servers, due to their physical nature can take up to 4-16 hours to get setup for optimal specifications.

5. WWhat is included in the full management of my Odoo?

All of our Odoo services come fully managed and that means we take care of all technical issues for you. We’ll handle everything other providers can’t or may not want to such as guaranteeing a trouble-free initial migration, performance optimizations, Odoo module installs, pro-active monitoring, backups, on-going system and security updates, along with so much more. We’ll handle any request that isn’t development or code debugging related. For those issues we charge a modest $20/hr to perform.

6. Do you support Community and Enterprise editions?

Yes, we support all Odoo Community and Enterprise editions. If you plan to use Enterprise you will need to get a license from directly though to activate it

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