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One of the biggest obstacle sites and businesses are faced with is having the right hosting solution and the necessary support to help manage it. We’ll help by determining what type of custom hosting environment you need to best suit your site or applications requirements. We’ll use our expertise and experience to manage your complex hosting infrastructure so you can free your staff from the tedious task of managing it.

You’ll have an account manager and a dedicated team who is familiar with your specific hosting setup. Your dedicated account manager will work with this enterprise team to build, test, deploy, manage and monitor your hosting environment.

Load Balance Your Websites and Apps Across Multiple Servers

Load balancing is one of the most commonly used solutions for high traffic sites and resource intense applications. What makes load balancing so effective is that it distributes all incoming traffic among a pool of servers, using a dedicated load balancer in front of the servers. This allows several servers to handle the traffic and load which results in better performance and ability to handle more traffic. In the event that one server goes offline, it is immediately taken out of the cluster so none of your visitors are affected by the downtime.

There are many different ways to build a load balancing server cluster. So it’s important to evaluate each website or applications requirements individually. Some setups may require high availability with redundant A+B network feeds, power and redundant load balancers. Others may need databases, web servers and storage servers all separated. One size doesn’t fit all, so it’s important to analyze your sites or applications needs, and build accordingly. One of our Advanced Solutions engineers will work with you one-on-one to help determine exactly what you need.

With Separate Database Server

Whether you have a busy online e-commerce website or a business running back office applications, chances are your web server or database are mission-critical and require peak performance. Fortunately, there is a way to leverage better reliability and performance by separating your Web Server and Database Server into two separate dedicated servers.

Separating the Web and Database servers is a good solution as the two primary services are separated allowing each to run without resource contention. Another benefit is the increased security from having the database separated from the web server and made only privately accessible by encrypted secure local communication.

This server architecture can be setup for Linux or Windows environments and a number of databases such as MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL and many more.

High Availability Failover Redundancy

Say Goodbye to
Unexpected Downtime!

Server and website uptime are important for every business. For those that generate income from their web presence, ensuring reliability is top priority. With downtime comes costs, and hardware failure is generally the most common factor. Fortunately, it can also be prevented. You can protect your business, revenue and reputation from downtime by making your server infrastructure fully redundant.

The most common and affordable solution is a High Availability (HA) server setup. It accomplishes zero-downtime by using a failover IP address with heartbeat monitoring along with a second physical server to replicate data to. It keeps this data in sync between the servers at all times. In the event of a hardware failure, website error or connection issue, traffic is immediately shifted to the second stand-by server and your website or application continues functioning with minimal interruption. An HA solution also makes it possible to perform zero-downtime maintenance and upgrades.

Managed Dedicated Public or Private Cloud Solutions

Whether you are looking for your own Public Cloud to offer cloud hosting to your customers or a secure Private Cloud for your business applications, we can help develop and deploy a cloud solution that meets your requirements. Our cloud engineers will evaluate your business requirements and match you with the ideal infrastructure for you mission critical needs. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of secure, multi-cloud solutions to support a variety of uses and budgets, all with exceptional managed support you can count on.

There are many different ways to build cloud infrastructures along with many different products and software that can be used to power them. Our cloud experts can manage and build your cloud using VMware, Citrix XenServer, OpenStack or CloudStack to meet your budget, requirements and preference. We’ll work with you to determine the capacity, security and redundancy level of your cloud. Our dedicated team of cloud experts and cloud solutions can help your organization improve performance, manage costs, maintain compliance and benefit with disaster recovery.

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