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How It Works ?

The process are explained below

Our Core Methodology

Echotech Engineering works with an intuitive approach to provide world-class Information and Technology solutions that are specifically tailored to suit our client’s needs.

Our timely and friendly service is one of the main factors for the success of our organization. With our technical assistance, advice and recommendations you will never feel lost in the world of Information and Technology. We work in the most professional and systematic way right from the requirement gathering to the launch.

The Process

  • Customer makes an enquiry through email: [email protected] or through enquiry form/phone call/direct
  • Enquiry processed by business team - business team may contact customer if information provided are incomplete
  • Enquiry sent to the technical team for analysis/quote/deadline
  • Technical team derives quote and deadline based on project
  • Quote and Suggestions sent to business analysis team
  • Business analysis team communicates the quote and suggestions to client
  • Client accept and signs the agreement & pay initial amount as per the terms.
  • Biz team gives customer details and project details to Project manager developer
  • Project manager creates project on Customer Portal and assign developers
  • Developers start working on project and periodically update project status in the Customer Portal
  • Email notifications update clients on progress.
  • Clinet can login in the Customer Portal, see prgress, share ideas & suggestions, see payment history, etc.
  • Developer and Client communicate with each other throughout the project life cycle via Customer Portal only.


There are four stages of communications, and they are explained below.

    STAGE 1

    Requirement gathering (Understanding Needs)

    This is considered the most important process in the project development. For a perfect solution, a clear comprehension of the requirement is essential. The project requirement is clearly analyzed.

    After a clear understanding about the project requirements we move forward, anticipating challenges that our expert team members are fully qualified to address.

  • Client gives the requirement
  • Clarifies additional details.
  • Project Manager (PM) Interrogates the client to gather and understand and requirement.
  • PM provides a preliminary project cost and estimate.

    STAGE 2


    The actual development starts after the confirmation of the project. This stage has multiple processes that work simultaneously. Clients are in constant touch with the developers and are provided with frequent task updates.

  • Client keep track of the project,
  • Client intimate any changes to be corporate,
  • Developer starts designing the database scheme.
  • Graphic, UI/UX designing get started side-by-side by designing team.
  • PM keep testing what is being developed, and make sure it meet client’s expectation.
  • Everything task and activity is notified to client via email.
  • Incorporate changes needed by client.

    STAGE 3

    Testing and Implementation

    We want to provide our clients with a flawless solution.
    Expert software testers / Project Manager carry out various tests to confirm the correctness of the software.

    It take about a week or more, depending on the number of features and modules. It will be allowed to go to the next stage only if the following are found to be absolutely ok, otherwise it will go back to stage-2

  • PM & Software Quality Assurance(SAQ) Team do testing of each module.
  • Integration testing,
  • Security testing,
  • Load testing,
  • Portability testing,
  • Cross platform compatibility testing,

    STAGE 4


    After the software is thoroughly tested and getting postive feedback from client, we launch the product. The stage involves setting up of the hosting infrastructure and providing support & training for the client.

  • Setting up the cloud architecture by certified cloud architect,
  • Installing of the software and basic setups,
  • Setting up the DNS, firewall, etc.
  • Tutoring / Training (as per the agreement)
  • Support


There are three engagement model and they are as follows: