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Hire Dedicated PHP Developer Full time who is right fit for your requirements.

  • Duration:
    8/hours per day, 5 days/week
  • Communication:
    Email, Skype, Phone
  • Billing
  • Hiring Period:
    Minimum 6 Months
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Hire Dedicated PHP Developer Part Time who is right fit for your requirements.

  • Duration:
    4/hours per day, 5 days/week
  • Communication:
    Email, Skype, Phone
  • Billing
  • Hiring Period:
    Minimum 1 Month
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Hire Dedicated PHP Developer Hourly who is right fit for your requirements.

  • Duration:
    Minimum 8 Hours
  • Communication:
    Email, Skype, Phone
  • Billing
  • Hiring Period:
    Not Applicable
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Dedicated Hire PHP Developer

From single page campaigns to highly complex websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, PHP enjoys an unbeatable dominance in the industry with a market share of more than 80%. PHP is extremely powerful and flexible to create interactive webpages, dynamic web applications, database solutions and e-commerce portals. With its high compatibility with all popular operating systems, web server and databases, PHP has turned out to be the global language of software development.

Echotech Lab helps you to hire a dedicated PHP developer for your custom development requirements through our highly affordable dedicated plans. All our talents are highly skilled, dedicated and result oriented with great communication skills.

Benefits of Hiring a dedicated PHP developer:

  • Reduced Cost
  • Multi-Level PHP Developers
  • No infrastructure investment
  • Custom Training and plans
  • Flexible Hiring options
  • Better Security
  • No Recruiting Expenses

When Does Your Business Need to Hire Dedicated PHP Developer?

Not just websites, everything related to the internet and online world reshapes in different forms at an unimaginable rate. Such a fluid system demands highly skilled and abreast PHP developers to move in tune with the changes and to withstand the competition. Turning your back to the changing customer expectations is your assured way to the bottomless pit of obscurity. Investing in upskilling is an expensive and time-intensive process too.

Outsourcing helps you to sharpen your arsenal with improved skills without any substantial expenses in staff hunting or infrastructure expenses. Echotech Lab provides highly skilled, properly trained, committed PHP developers for your exclusive PHP development requirements at an affordable rate. Such talent infusion from a wild pool of seasoned professionals helps you to be competitive and helps you to focus more on business growth.


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Our Process Drives Growth

Timely Implementations Backed With Proven Methodology


Requirement Gathering

Each customer has different expectations about his PHP developer and we make sure that his expectations are properly communicated with us through multiple discussions.


Candidate Shortlisting

We make a list of candidates with suitable skill sets and share the resume with the client.


Screening and Hiring

The client can conduct his own interviews through prescribed channels and can hire the right one for his requirement.



The new trainee can be moulded to the client’s environment through custom training either from an existing team member or by the client himself.


Introduction to the team

After the training, the client can start assigning him duties and enjoy the benefits of our hire a PHP developer plan.

Want to Hire a Dedicated PHP Developer?

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Why should you hire Dedicated PHP Developers from us?

We ensure that all our PHP developers are highly competent and result oriented through a multilevel recruiting and targeted training process.

Scalable Plans to Hire PHP developer

Wide Experience

We have more than a decade’s experience in PHP development. Our strong association with varying clientele from startups to large companies or global brands gave us immense opportunity to work on various PHP projects with varying complexity levels. This makes our team a pool of expertise in different areas with multiple competency levels.

hire experienced php developer

World-class Infrastructure

Our office is located in one of India’s premium IT hubs, Cochin, Kerala. It means world-class facilities, uninterrupted power supply and continuous connectivity around the clock. It assures that your dedicated employee is at your service without any interruptions and can easily be managed as if an employee of your office.

Freelance php developer from india

Talent Pool

We pride in our wide talent pool with varying skills and expertise levels. You can have a plethora of choices while choosing the PHP developer for your dedicated services. Our PHP developers are proficient in the latest industry trends and have immense knowledge of the PHP platform through regular upskilling activities.

PHP developer for We development

Transparent Selection Process

We ensure that each and every process at Echotech Lab is quite transparent without any room for ambiguity. Each resume we share will be genuine and there won’t be any build-ups, just to impress a customer. You can have your own selection process to be sure that the hire posses the required skills and is a perfect fit for your team.

Hire dedicated PHP developer

Direct Control

You have absolute authority over their working time, shift roster and leaves to ensure better coordination with your in-house team. Multiple communication channels, regular shift updates etc. helps you be in direct contact with the hired developer and enable you to make timely interventions to make the process more productive and streamlined.

Secured PHP development service

Secured Development Environment

Our hiring processes include a detailed background screening through competent agencies to ensure that there is no antecedence of unlawful activities. All information related to your work is stored in an encrypted form with restricted access to avoid unauthorized access and to plug the possibilities for data stealing.

Dedicated PHP Web Programmers

Significant Cost Savings

Our dedicated staffing solutions are highly cost-effective and make Echotech Lab a synonym for highly affordable, competent, dedicated and easily communicable professionals. The savings due to outsourcing helps the user to increase his spending on brand building with more confidence.

Affordable PHP Developer

Highly Scalable Plans

Our ever-expanding talent pool enables the user to pick the right talents for his upscaling operations without any compromise. This helps our customers to take new challenges and be confident about the outcomes without an iota of doubt.

Explore Other Services and Packages

We offer a variety of intelligently designed, customizable, feature-rich and cost-effective packages to fulfil the requirements of different segments of the industry to sharpen your competitive edge for exponential business growth.


1. How can I ensure the correctness of the resume given, especially in the areas of experience?

We make detailed background screening while recruiting to ensure that everything mentioned in the resume is correct.

2. How long it would take for getting a dedicated PHP developer for my requirement?

It varies with the requirement specifications and talent availability. Always ensure that your requirement is communicated in advance for ensuring a smooth selection process.

3. How can I ensure that there is no staff sharing happening?

You employ security measures such as VPN or multilevel authentication to ensure that only the genuine tech is accessing your resources.

4. If I am unhappy with the developer can I ask for an instant replace?

Staff replacement during probation is more instantaneous. If you are unhappy with the tech, please share it with the Account Manager and we will make the replacement based on availability.

5. How can I be confident about the security of my information?

We keep such details in the most secure and encrypted way with restricted access to the concerned team only. Apart from that, we offer Non-Disclosure Agreement with the clients which makes us legally answerable to any such data breach.

6. Can I contact the tech during emergencies, outside the assigned hours?

The quality of tech's personal life is quite important to us. Hence, we discourage such communications beyond their working hours. However, you can contact our technical support team 24/7 and they will do the needful.

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