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Customer Relationship Management System

Echotech Lab provides cloud based CRM. Which help you to become more invested in the buyers’ process of your customers with this multipurpose CRM software. Track your ROIs and business growth, automate your customer acquisition process, and generate more leads at the speed of light. .


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Alternative To ZOHO CRM

Stay in touch with your team with this collaborative software. Manage team activities, organize your enterprise’s departments for maximum functionality, communicate easily, and stay on top of your game at all times. Multiply the efficiency of your teams with our CRM

Best for the following type of businesses :

  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Managed Service Provider
  • Business Consulting
  • Property & Architecture
  • Public Relation
  • Digital & Creation
  • Automobile
  • Software Development
  • Cloud Services

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Main Features

Invoicing Alternative to Zoho CRM


Beautiful dashboard with overview of all transaction, payment status, task details, ticket status and many more.

Project Management Alternative to Zoho CRM

Project Management

Manage projects, assign billable and non billable tasks to staff(s), keep track of expenses, time logs, files, and many more.

Invoicing Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk


Create invoice like pro, print it out, and send them via email or share link via WhatsApp, SMS or email, monitor customer access.

Recurring Invoice Alternative to Zoho CRM

Recurring Invoice

Create recurring invoice, monthly, weekly, half yearly, or custom. System will keep generating the invoice and notify the concerned customer.

Product Listing

Product Listing

Add products, its description, price and other details, and keep is saved in the item module. Add products easily while sending estimate / proposal / invoices / etc.

HelpDesk & Support Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

HelpDesk & Support

Add unlimited departments, customer can create support ticket, it notify & get assigned to the concerned department, option to manually assign a ticket as well, get an overview of all ticket status-wise and many more.

Proposal Management Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk


Send proposal online, customer will have option to accept or reject the proposal and can ask questions. Upon acceptance, System will ask for digital signature which get saved with customer IP & timestamp.

Estimate Management Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk


Estimate are same as proposal, the main difference in can case of estimate, invoice get generate automatically & immediately on acceptance of an estimate, which customer can pay online.

Payment Tracking, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Payment Tracking

Keep track of all customer dues, un-paid, partially paid, fully paid, upcoming payment, due dates, and many more on your finger tips. Update payment received with transaction reference number and money receipt.

Auto Payment Reminder, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Auto Payment Reminder

System will send auto payment reminder to customer via email / SMS. Customer can view the invoice online, customer will have the option to pay online, see previous payment details, balance, etc using mobile, computer or any device connected to internet.

Customer Lead, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Customer Lead

Customer lead management helps to keep track of all the customer lead, follow up details, proposal / estimate sent and its expiration reminder, questionnaires detail, contact details, sale agent details, and many more.

Customer Profile, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Customer Profile

Keep record of customer contact details, company details, payment history, credit note history, support history, contract history, paid and up-paid dues, scanned documents & files, login history, and many more.

Task Management, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Task Management

This task management module helps to keep track of all the task and notify the concern employee if a task is assigned to him/her. Time log option is also there is task is hourly chargeable, you can also add additional follow-up managers.

Digital Sign / e-Sign, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Digital Sign / e-Sign

Using this module helps you get digital signature on your estimates, proposals, contracts, etc. When customer signs it, the system record customer IP address with timestamp.

Contract Management, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Contract Management

Get contract signed digitally, keep record of contract value & validity, system sends reminders to customer and business owner before a contract get expired. Useful for any business dealing with yearly or monthly or custom AMC.

Expense Management, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Expense Management

Keep record of utility bills, rent, stationary, food, travel and all kinds of expenses. A report can be generate which show where you are spending more, this data helps you to make better decision and reduce expenses.

Reports, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk


Get comprehensive insights into your business with 10+ detailed reports designed for you, which you can download into CVS or excel file which can be used for your accounting software, or simply for printing. There are also graphical data which will help to make better decisions.

Survey, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk


Create various survey forms, and conducted online. It can be automated & auto triggered. It can be used to measure customer satisfaction level, whether customer are satisfied with employee behaviour or not.

FAQ / Knowledgebase, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

FAQ / Knowledgebase

Write articles and keep ready for customers, Customer can read in the FAQ section, it can be also used as predefine replies while responding to customer support or queries.

Custom Embeded Forms, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Custom Embeded Forms

Just drag and drop, create your own form, embed to single website or multiple website, all input data remain in single system, it automatically identify customer with their email address or phone number and records to the customer profile .

Custom Fields, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Custom Fields

Add information like Birthdays, VAT / GST number, Phone Numbers, National ID number, Aadhaar No, extra emails or any information, to your Customer Lead, Existing Customers, Employees, Suppliers, or Items databases.

Third Party Integration, Alternative to Zoho CRM Help Desk

Third Party Integration

Multiple payment gateways, Mail Server Setting, Google calendars, push notifications come out of the box. Additional customization service is available at a minimal price.

Multi-User Login

Multi-User Login

Create multiple user ID for employees, users can login using their unique username and password

User Access Management

User Access Management

Control access, give relevant and limited access as per employee role / department.

Employee Time Logs

Employee Time Logs

Easily Track your employee's time on the job with an integrated timer feature.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Dedicated portal for customer, where customers can login and see their payment statements, project progress, ask questions, upload files, share ideas, request support and many more.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Cross Platform Compatibility

Our CRM is multi-device compatible. To access, you can use PC, Mac, Mobile Device, Laptop, Tablet, or any device connected to internet. It doesn't matter its an Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.

Free Migrations Included

Multiple Languages

Designed to support multiple languages. Our CRM currently supports 11 major languages. It can be translated to different language. RTL option is also there for Arabic language.

Free Migrations Included

Supports Multiple Currencies

Set default currency or set different currency for different customers, share invoices, estimates in their favorite currency.

Free Migrations Included

Managed Taxes Rates

Managed different tax rates for invoicing / billing.

Free Migrations Included


Use your own logo, customize email templates, change colour, customize menu name, without any coding, White Label it & rebrand it yourself under your own brand name.

Free Migrations Included


We have an API for custom development. This allows for extensive customizations and work flows.

Automate your business’ tasks using this SaaS product, its perfect for enterprises and large-scale businesses and its affordable.

How It Works ?

The world is going digital, stay ahead with us.


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Installation Process

Our team will do a fresh new installtion on a fresh new server for you. It may take upto 3-8 hours


DNS setting

You will be asked for domain name if you have any and well set up the DNS for your, otherwise you can access it from IP address.


Rebranding & White-labeling

We are 24x7 available to help you and support you to do the initial setup and to start using your new CRM


Support & Training

We are 24x7 available to help you and support you to do the initial setup and to start using your new CRM

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We offer a variety of intelligently designed, customizable, feature-rich and cost-effective packages to fulfil the requirements of different segments of the industry to sharpen your competitive edge for exponential business growth.


1. Will you help me to setup my CRM ?

Yes of course! .

2. Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes of course you can! Just create a ticket or drop us an email.

3. How long does it take to setup my CRM?

Your CRM will be deployed instantly upon successful payment. Dedicated servers, due to the physical nature of them can take up to 12-24 hours to get setup and configured with CRM installed per your specifications.

4. How long does it take to get my CRM server setup?

Your pre-configured CRM will be deployed instantly upon successful payment. Dedicated servers, due to their physical nature can take up to 4-16 hours to get setup for optimal specifications.

5. What is included in the packages?

Every feature that is mentioned and much more, plus you get 24x7 support from our highly qualified team.

6. Do you help in setting up my DNS and rebranding the CRM?

Yes, we do!

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