Point Of Sale

This billing software is designed for shops, departmental store, etc.

Multi Location | Multi Users | GST Complaint


Admin Login

Username : admin123
Password: admin123


Salesman Login

Username : sales123
Password: sales123

Main Features

  • Custom Receipts
  • Barcode Printing
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Sale Return Management
  • Series Items
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Serial Numbers
  • Barcode Label Printing
  • Multiple Locations
  • Easy Import And Export
  • Cross Platform Mobile Compatibility
  • Transfer Stock
  • Various Reports
  • Purchase Orders
  • Cash Management
  • Coupons & Promotions
  • Inventory Management
  • Salesman Commission Management
  • SMS / Email Marketing
  • Staff Management
  • Employee Time Clock
  • User Role Management
  • Gift Cards
  • Ecommerce Integration

It is designed for shops, like you see in departmental stores and the multi-location feature makes it more convenient for shop which have multiple branches in multiple locations

Costing Maintenance

This is a online software, hosted on a dedicated server.

Prices mentioned in Indian Rupees

POS - Basic

21,500/One Time

Only Billing Software

  • Software - POS ADVANCE
  • License - Lifetime*
  • Website - N/A
  • Hosting - 1 year Free Hosting
  • Data Center Location - Bengaluru, India
  • Server - Dedicated
  • Space Mount - 25GB
  • Bandwidth - 1000GB
  • Maintenance Cost - ₹1250/- p.m.
  • Dedicated Support - 90 days
  • Email Support - Lifetime
  • Training - Video Lessons

Please Note:

01 - Email Facility
You can also use gmail credential for sending email notifications to your customer directly from this software, notifications about invoices, payment reminder, payment update, etc. But google / gmail allow few emails in an hour, doesn't allow you to send bulk email, which means suppose you have 100+ customers and you want to send some update to all your 100+ customers at once, you wont able to do that using gmail credential, if you try, your gmail id may get banned.

For sending bulk email, most of our customer use Mailgun.Com or sendinblue.com

You check bulk Email price here -
Price - MailGun , Price - Sendinblue
02 - Maintenance
First year is free, 2nd year onward maintenance will be billed annually
03 - GST / Taxes ?
Applicable taxes are extra. On 04th July, 2020 it is 18%
04 - What is included ?
1. Point of Sale software with free 3 locations hosted on a cloud server.
(Upto three location is free, more than three location are charged extra)
2. Dedicated three month support via email,
3. Life access to video lesson and updates!
4. Life time access to documentation on how to use.
05 - What is not included & not accepted ?
1. The bar code scanner, billing machine, printers and all the hardware you are seeing in the picture are not included,
2. Customizations request is not accepted for this item.
3. We do not accept requests for data entry.
How much time it may take to get it done for you ?
From the date of payment, it may take upto 1 week to get it ready for you.
06 - Contact Us
For more information email us at
07 - Refund
We have hosted a demo so that you check all the features and understand whether it will fit you need or not. Even if you don't find something you are looking for, you can email us at help@e-engg.com before you pay. Once you are satisfied, you make the payment .
But once the payment is made, it is not refundable.

Why it's worth to choose Point Of Sale?

It easy to use, works with bar code scanner, other POS hardwares. And various reports helps you to take the right decision.


There is a weekly auto backup system and our engineers working day and night, guarantee 99.99% uptime!


In case you run out of space after some years, you can scale it up!

Technical support

It is made user friendly, still we do have video lessons for each feature. And in case you still need us, We are always there for you to support you.

Complete solutions

This software is design keeping entrepreneurs in mind, incase you need something extra which is not there, we can develop it for you! *
Custom development depends on many factors such as requirement and time / man hours involve for the Customized development, it may be are charged extra, and there are chances that it may be denied if our team is already occupied in other projects!

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